Misluo features beautifully handcrafted jewellery – simple • modern • unique. All of my jewellery is created in sterling silver and gold from scratch, including both the design and fabrication in my home studio, Scotland UK. I take a lot of pride in our work and pay a lot of attention to details.

My name is Yanxia Luo, the soul and hands behind Misluo Jewellery. I taught myself to become a jewellery artist and silversmith from 2008 and started Misluo in 2009 to share my creations with lovely people around the world. I never stopped to discover new technique, new tools and create new designs in the past years.

The inspiration of my jewellery is from the circle of nature, the places we lived, the materials themselves and even my dreams. I create a wide range of jewellery, from simple clean minimal style to one of kind large gemstone pieces.

Currently, I work on all aspects of Misluo from creative concepts and crafting to photography, customer service, packaging, website design and maintenance. Love what I created and create what I love.


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